Daft Logic Distance Calculator

Here’s a tool that I have been using pretty much every day for the past month.  It’s Daft Logic’s Google Maps Distance Calculator.  You just search your location and then click on the route you want to take & it calculates your distance.

It’s come in handy for us around Paris a ton this past week while we’re trying to find our way around, and figure out how far things are to walk to (we haven’t bought travel cards yet — haven’t needed to with the weather being so nice).  But works anywhere for all kinds of uses.  I find it pretty good for creating running routes (though I may prefer WalkJogRun for this purpose because you can save your running plans there).

It’s also surprisingly good at making you feel kind of guilty/dumb/lazy when you see how short a distance is, let’s say, between the house you lived in for four years and your old job, so you end up thinking, “Wow, I really should have walked or biked more often instead of driving there every single day.”  I mean, hypothetically.

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